Green Matters





The products of Porcelanite-Lamosa are closely related to the cycles of nature. Therefore, in order to achieve our mission of having a lasting commitment to the community and its environment, it is essential for us to become involved with the sustainable trend of manufacturing and distribution of ceramic floors and coatings. This commitment also responds to the current and future demands of our consumers. In 2010, Porcelanite-Lamosa decided to go further with its Green Matters initiative. The goal is to transform the business into a low-carbon operating system that involves being able to measure the impact of our processes.




In addition to reproducing with great fidelity the delicacy of the lines, shapes and veins of the finest marbles and natural stones, we can still improve the most capricious designs of nature with this innovative technology of high definition; Unprecedented flexibility in the production of flooring and tile is now possible.




Porcelanite's FD technology gives us the opportunity to manufacture parts with exclusive designs for our clients, thus offering a more personalized service to the most demanding clients dedicated to construction.


A new world of possibilities in high definition sounds incredible and is visualized even better.

La Porcelanite's new Full Definition technology came to change the coating industry

Ceramics forever.